Viztek OTC / DR X-ray Suite

The new Viztek OTC room offers an advanced radiology room complete with overhead tube crane
(OTC), elevating table, and the small footprint upright stand. The room features extremely high
throughput and is extremely versatile handling all your radiology needs.


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Viztek OTC Specifications

  • Minimum focus ceiling distance: 32.7” (830mm)
  • Vertical telescope travel range: 70.8” (1800mm)
  • Longitudinal travel range: with standard rail: max. 136.2” (3460mm); with optional rail extensions: 219.9” max. (5585mm); detent positions: configurable during installation
  • Transverse travel range: with standard 9.8' (3m) rail: 86.6” min. (2200mm); with optional 13.1’ (4m) rail: 139.7” max. (3550mm); detent positions: configurable during installation
  • Transverse track length, ±39”(10mm): 119” min. (3030mm) 172” max. (4380mm)
  • Tube rotation range, horizontal axis: 120°, +120°: detent positions: -90°,0°, +90°
  • Tube rotation range, vertical axis: +182°, -154°: detent positions: +180°, -90°, 0°, +90°

Upright Stand Specifications

  • Wall Stand
  • Tilting Wall Stand (optional)
  • Tilting angles +90º/-20º & rotation 90º (optional)
  • Minimum Floor distance 15.8 in.
  • Maximum Floor distance 74.8 in.
  • Motorized Vertical Travel
  • Fully counterbalanced for manual positioning
  • Adaptations for Digital Flat panel instead of standard Bucky

Elevating Table Specifications

  • Four-ways floating table top with electromagnetic brakes
  • Table top Dimensions 86.61in L x 30.9in W
  • Flat composite Carbon Fiber table top to increase patient comfort and reduce its X-ray dose (0.65mm Al at 100 kVp)
  • Patient loading capacity 661lbs.
  • Table top movement: Longitudinal 43.1 in (+23.6 in, -19.5 in); Transversal 9.8 in. (±4.9 in.); Vertical 13.8 in.
  • Minimum floor-Table distance 21.7 in.
  • Maximum floor-Table distance 35.4 in.
  • Longitudinal detector travel 24 in.


Name Viztek OTC / DR X-ray Suite
Equipment Type X-ray
Brand Viztek
Condition New
Software Type N/A