Sourceray PowerMax 1260 Digital

PowerMax 1260 provides the maximum power obtainable from a line powered portable with state of the art technology, system reliability and low maintenance, all in a small footprint, lightweight package.

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PowerMax 1260 provides the maximum power obtainable from a line powered portable with state of the art technology, system reliability and low maintenance, all in a small footprint, lightweight package. The PowerMax 1260 is a 120kV, 15-60mA system. With 3kW across the full range, it can reduce exposure times on difficult radiographic anatomical views, thereby minimizing patient motion problems and enhancing image quality. It is available with an optional Digital Upgrade package for easy, fast Radiographic Image acquisition, or in a film based version.


  • High Frequency Inverter Provides Agile Lightweight Portability
  • 3.0kw Output - Fully Regulated mA / kVp
  • Extremity Range - Adjustable in 1kVp steps
  • Constant mA - Independent of kV or Time
  • Optimum Range - Provides quality soft tissue & bone resolution
  • 96 steps - Provides accurate technique settings
  • Provides superior image quality & heat storage
  • 200° Rotation - High output lamp
  • 15' Cable
  • Light weight - Durable Powder Coat Finish
  • Smooth Operation - Positive Lock, Field Adjustable
  • Seven Cassette Capacity - 14 x 17
  • Agile - Extremely Maneuverable - Easy 2 step storage transport procedure
  • Optimum Range - Weight bearing & Bed Work
  • Easily Climbs Stairs - Smooth Movement
  • Wide Operating Range - Plugs into standard outlet
  • Certified to FDA 21 CFR Subchapter J



    Power: 3kW Input Voltage: 110 - 230VAC 50/60Hz (Power Factor Correction) kVp Range: 40 - 120 kVp adjustable in 1kV increments - Closed loop regulation mA Range: Adjustable 15 - 60 mA, closed loop regulation mAs Range: 0.125 - 200 Exposure Time: 0.01 - 3.33 seconds Indicators: Digital display of kVp, mAs and Exposure Time, X-Ray, Ready, mA Station and Fault indication. Filtration: 3.6 mm al minimum @ 100kVp, 4.3 mm al minimum @ 120kVp Exposure Switch: Detachable two-position

    X-Ray Tube

    Type: Stationary Anode 130 kVp Target Material: Tungsten Anode Capacity: 30,000 HU Storage Focal Spot: 1.2mm Target Angle: 15°


    Type: Collimare CP-1 00-241-C Laser Crosshairs: Center Locator Tape Measure: SID Indicator Inclinometer: Angle Indicator

    Travel Stand

    Min. F/S to Floor: 13"/33 cm Max. F/S to Floor: 78" /198 cm Hor. Ext. of F/S: 21"/53 cm Hor. Rotation: 200° Tube Rotation: 270° System Weight: 110 lbs. / 5O kG

Digital Systems

Source-Ray’s digital systems are available with Gadox, or Cesium DR Panels, with image processing software that provides fast easy to use archive, print and send tools. Source-Ray’s digital systems are designed for fast, easy Radiographic Image acquisition, and for uncomplicated transmission and storage of the digital image. Digital Systems are built on either the SR-130, or PowerMax 1260 platform.

  • High Quality 14 x 17 Wireless Digital Panel for excellent image quality with low x-ray dose and fast exposures.
  • Advanced imaging software with easy archive, print and send tools.
  • Store away laptop computer and Tilt Out panel storage cabinet for easy and safe transportation of both the digital panel and optional grid adapter.

Digital Specifications

Digital Detector (Wireless, or Tethered)

14" x 17" Flat Panel Type: Amorphous Silicon (a-SI), Scintillator: CsI (Cesium Iodide), or GOS (Gadox), Pixel Size: 150 x 150 microns

On-Board Laptop Computer

Integrated Slide Out/Fold-Away Design, Intel Core (TM) i5 (460M), 14.1" WXGA+ Anti-Glare LED Display, 4GB DDR3 SDRAM, 128GB SSD Hard Drive, DVD-ROM, DVD+/-RW

Digital Imaging Software

Window Level, Technique Chart, Rotate Image, Preview, Repeat, Reject, Archive, Patient ID, DICOM Print, Body Region, DICOM Store, & Modality Work List Software

Panel/Grid Adapter Storage Box

Tilt Out Easy Access - Integrated Panel & Grid Holder, Protection During Transport

Optional Equipment

Grid Adapter (Includes 6:1,103 Line or 215 Line Grid)



Name Sourceray PowerMax 1260 Digital
Equipment Type Mobile X-ray
Radiological Type DR
Brand Sourceray
Condition New