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Long-established methods for medical image exchange have provided limited means of effective communication between points of care. Without effective bi-directional exchange of images, patients are often subjected to repeat exams and operational inefficiencies — leaving them frustrated, dissatisfied with their care, and exposed to excess radiation. Medicom has partnered with Multi, Inc. to untangle these challenges by introducing innovative software technologies to medical communities across the globe.

Medicom Solutions

Medicom’s suite of solutions leverages existing archives to create a decentralized network for viewing, sharing, and managing medical images. Since Medicom acts purely as a conduit for sharing medical images and reports, a network of participating partners can be quickly established — driving instant value for patients and providers, while boosting radiology profits.

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Growing through serving. Multi, Inc. and Medicom’s mission is centered around helping providers focus on what matters most: patients. Our goal is to enhance the lives of the clients we serve so that they may enhance the lives of the patients they serve. Download the brochure to read more about how Multi, Inc. and Medicom are committed to this mission.


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