Fujifilm FCR XG 5000 Plus

A highly-efficient general-purpose FCR reader that offers superior quality images and comfortable workflow for medical staff.

SKU: FJ-XG-5000

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The fastest processing capacity in the world (As the end of August 2012)

The FCR XG 5000 Plus has realized the world's fastest processing speed of 120 IPs/hr., a remarkable progress from the previous 103 IPs/hr. This model reduces the examination time drastically, ensuring stress-free workflows.

A multi-purpose FCR

The FCR XG 5000 Plus now enables processing of pantomography exposures* (15 × 30 cm), in addition to standard and long-view exposures, making a wider range of examinations possible. * 15 × 30 cm IP needs optional IP Adapter

Enhanced image processing

“Image Intelligence™” — a set of sophisticated digital image-processing software technologies available through Fujifilmfilm's Console — processes image data and optimizes final output.

System configuration

Optimal configurations suited to various applications realize smooth workflow



Name Fujifilm FCR XG 5000 Plus
Equipment Type CR
Radiological Type CR
Brand Fuji
Condition Refurbished
Software Type N/A