FUJI DryPix 3000 Dry Imager

The Fujifilm DryPix 3000 Imager: Full-Size Film, Performance and Quality in a Small, Quiet Package.

SKU: FJ-3000-DI

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DryPix 3000 is a compact tabletop imager for 14"x17" film that allows maximum flexibility of placement in facilities where space is at a premium. Further space savings have been realized by utilizing an internal DICOM network board in the DryPix 3000. Its almost silent operation and low heat output enable it to be operated close to the user without discomfort or disturbance. With a throughput of 50 films per hour, DryPix 3000 provides the ultimate performance combination for decentralized or mobile imaging.



  • 50 14"x17" films/hour

Time to first film

  • 90 seconds (14"x17" film)

DICOM Connectivity

  • Verification SOP Class
  • Basic Gray Scale Print Management Meta SOP Class (SCP)
  • Print Job SOP Class (SCP)
  • Annotation SOP Class
  • Queue Management SOP Class


Name FUJI DryPix 3000 Dry Imager
Equipment Type Diagnostic Printing
Brand Fuji
Condition Refurbished
Software Type N/A