FUJI DryPix 2000 Dry imager

High Speed, High Resolution Table Top Laser Imager by Fuji

SKU: FJ-2000-DI

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The Fuji Drypix 2000 is a high speed, high resolution table top laser imager. It supports three film sizes and has the option of providing two film sizes online at all times utilizing two film drawers. True-size imaging provides the diagnostic benefit of enabling physicians to make measurements directly from the film. The system is extremely compact and features near silent operation with limited heat output making it suitable for areas where space is at a premium. The Drypix 2000 uses the new and revolutionary DI-HT film with FUJIFILM’s innovative DURATHERM micro-isolating technology which provides stable, artifact-free printing performance with long storage life.


Name FUJI DryPix 2000 Dry imager
Equipment Type Diagnostic Printing
Brand Fuji
Condition New
Software Type N/A