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  • AGFA provides excellent imaging quality across all applications
  • Multi-modality
  • Multi-format with 3 media sizes on-line
  • Diagnostic quality greyscale hardcopies of high quality
  • Unique sorter function
  • Mammography printing option

Improved workflow across departments

Offering high throughput of up to 100 14 x 17” sheets/hour, unique multi-format architecture and sorting by modality function, DRYSTAR 5503 is a versatile partner capable of handling a diversity of printing tasks from different sources with speed and reliability.

Every pixel tells a story

The Direct Digital Imaging technology employed by DRYSTAR 5503 is not only fast and clean, it is also one of the best ways of translating the high-resolution capability of 508 ppi at a spot size of 50μm to a final image. AGFA HealthCare’s Direct Digital Imaging technology performs well beyond current industry standards, providing that every pixel in the image is fully software controlled for virtually flawless and consistent image quality. A significant reduction in wear and tear is due to an equally significant reduction in moving parts as a result of using Direct Digital Imaging technology.

Multi-format and 3 media sizes on-line

DRYSTAR 5503 features multiple-format handling, with the three most popular media sizes and/or types permanently on-line. The imager is thus capable of delivering CT, MRI, DSA, digital R&F, CR and DR images at high speed onto different DRYSTAR DT2 media. The DRYSTAR 5503 comes with three input trays. Every input tray can use five different film formats, ranging from 8 x 10” to 14 x 17”, making the final image versatility of this stand-alone, small footprint unit remarkable. And what DRYSTAR 5503 gains in versatility, the user gains in convenience and time.

Sorting it out

In order to increase efficiency and user-friendliness, DRYSTAR 5503 has a unique sorter function. This supports that whichever modality is being served, whichever print command is currently being handled, all tasks will be carried out and sorted, according to modality or patient record, if available. With DRYSTAR 5503, high traffic density input no longer means bottlenecks and slow-speed output at the imager, virtually eliminating log jams.

Integrated print solution

Through its intelligent matching of Direct Digital Imaging technology, media and imager, DRYSTAR 5503 is ideally suited to stand at the heart of an AGFA HealthCare integrated solution. Its leading-edge DRYSTAR DT2 media delivers excellent, diagnostic quality greyscale hardcopies. Because it is heat sensitive rather than light sensitive, DT2 offers the convenience of daylight loading. The dry imaging technology means no more wet processing, no darkroom, no complicated adjustments or cleaning procedure, and no chemical disposal costs. DRYSTAR DT2 media can be used in all formats: 8 x 10”, 10 x 12”, 11 x 14”, 14 x 14” and 14 x 17”.

Increasing performance for mammo

As an option, DRYSTAR 5503 can also print mammography images. Using our dedicated DT2 Mammo film provides you high image quality, in accordance with mammography standards. With its 508 dpi resolution and the A#Sharp technology, DRYSTAR 5503 produces sharp images, ideally suited for digital mammography.An automatic quality assurance tool is built in to help you with your daily quality checks. Images can be printed on 8 x 10” film, as well as on 10 x 12” film for modalities with larger detectors. As a third film size for mammography we also offer 11 x 14”. In the mammography mode, the DRYSTAR 5503 can print up to 160 8 x 10” mammo films per hour, fitting easily into an environment with several modalities, while supporting full performance for the mammography department.

By bringing together a diversity of modalities within an appropriate user-friendly integration – sharp high resolution imaging, leading-edge technology, excellent media and optimal user-friendliness – DRYSTAR 5503 is well equipped to serve the multiple demands of a busy department.

  • Dimensions & weight: Dimensions: 72 x 71,5 x 141 cm (W x D x H) (28,3 x 28,1 x 55,5 inch); Weight (without film): 193 kg (425 lb)
  • Power requirements: Auto ranging 100 – 240 V: 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption: Average: 450 Watt; Peak: 700 Watt; Standby: 200 Watt
  • Media supply trays: All three trays configurable for 100 sheets of 8 x 10 inch, 10 x 12 inch, 11 x 14 inch, 14 x 14 inch or 14 x 17 inch film
  • Operating conditions: Temperature: 15 - 30 °C (59 - 86 °F); Humidity: 20 - 75% RH, non-condensing
  • Storage/Shipping conditions: Temperature: -25 to +55 °C (-11 to 131 °F) -40 to +70 °C for transport (-40 to 158 °F); Humidity: 10 - 95% RH, non-condensing
  • Heat dissipation: Standby power: 200 Watt / 720 kJ/h; Average printing power: 450 Watt / 1620 kJ/h; Peak power: 700 Watt / 2520 kJ/h
  • Safety: IEC 60601-1 + A1 + A2; EN 60601-1 + A1 + A2; UL 60601-1; CSA 22.2 no. 601.1-M90; GB 4943-2001
  • Throughput: 8 x 10 inch: 160 sheets/hour (23 sec. per sheet); 14 x 17 inch: 100 sheets/hour (36 sec. per sheet); Access time first sheet: 57 sec. (8 x 10 inch) 76 sec. (14 x 17 inch)
  • Addressable print area: 8 x 10 inch: 3892 x 4920 pixels; 14 x 17 inch: 6962 x 8408 pixels
  • Printing resolution: Geometrical: 508 ppi; Spot size: 50 µm; Contrast: 14 bit printing
  • Connectivity: Ethernet TCP/IP; Protocol: DICOM 3.0
  • Types: DRYSTAR DT2 B: blue base; DRYSTAR DT2 C: clear base; DRYSTAR DT2
  • Mammo Sizes: 8 x 10 inch, 10 x 12 inch, 11 x 14 inch, 14 x 14 inch and 14 x 17 inch for DRYSTAR DT2 B/C ; 8 x 10 inch, 10 x 12 inch, 11 x 14 inch for DT2 Mammo; Three on-line sizes


Name AGFA DRYSTAR 5503 Imager
Equipment Type Diagnostic Printing
Brand Agfa HealthCare
Condition New
Software Type N/A